Berry delicious recipes – Blueberry salad

Although sweet and juicy are the flavours that come to mind when you think of eating berries, they are more versatile than just an addition to breakfast or dessert. Berries work beautifully in summer tarts, salads and even on pizza! Read the rest of this entry »


Beyond the punnet

WORDS Sophhie Pusz

Spend five minutes in conversation with producers Bob Harley from Sorrell Fruit Farm outside Hobart, or Rebecca Barnes from Playing With Fire in Ballina in Northern NSW and you will discover there are dozens and dozens more types of berry than you could ever have imagined possible! Read the rest of this entry »


Australian farmers go fruit and nutty

A macadamia farm – image courtesy Brookfarm.

Although it was another variable year for farmers, the total value of Australia’s agricultural production continued to rise in 2015–16 to $56 billion according to data released by the ABS. Read the rest of this entry »