Oysters—a labour of love

Blackman Bay Oysters

Oysters, according to oyster farmer Gary Rodely, are a ‘really emotional food.’ People often have very strong memories attached to the first time they tried an oyster—they remember the situation, the location and other details with great fondness. Read the rest of this entry »

Make a splash water garden

Lotus bloom-Liam Brennan www.liamedwardbrennan.com_webLINDA BRENNAN
Some of the most photographed gardens in the world centre on a gorgeous pond or water feature. We are drawn to the beauty of floating plants, shimmering reflections and tumbling cascades. Read the rest of this entry »

Organic farmer of the year


Murray River Organics has been awarded the Australian Organic Farmer of the Year 2016 by Australian Organic. Read the rest of this entry »