Sweetening Health Star Ratings

With 42 different names for sugar used on food labels and a new study revealing that around 70 per cent of packaged foods contain added sugar, there is a strong need for sugar in products to be more clearly labelled on packaging and in the Health Star Rating system according to The George Institute for Global Health. Read the rest of this entry »

The ark of food

Wattleseed pods on tree

WORDS Linda Moon

Adding his latest finding, an iodine-rich Tasmanian seaweed, to his database of 29,270 plants, 72-year-old Bruce French is close to cataloguing every possible edible plant on our planet. Read the rest of this entry »

Heritage harvest

Apples on a tree in an orchard

Apples in Petty’s Orchard COURTESY Heritage Fruits Society, Victoria.

WORDS Sohie Pusz

Heritage, or heirloom food, are old varieties of animals and plants that have traditionally been cultivated on a small, non-industrial scale. Often seeds and plants have been passed down within communities, or even single families, for generations, like precious heirlooms. Read the rest of this entry »